Marcus Hoistler

The eccentric heir of Seagrim Enterprises


Marcus has inherited a large but struggling corporation and has surprisingly liquidated all company assets to fund the most daring business venture the galaxy has seen in recent history. Marcus is building the largest and most expensive civilian spacecraft ever produced, with the intention of converting the ship into a self sufficient planetary colony upon completion of the vessel’s maiden voyage. Upon announcing his intentions, the company’s board of directors voted to remove Marcus, but the action was narrowly defeated.


Marcus was born into a wealthy family on Coruscant, the Hoistler’s were upstanding imperial citizens and have had strong ties to the Imperial Navy. Marcus was the youngest of three brothers, and the only one not to join the Imperial Navy. Instead he attended four years of business school in a prestigious university, only to leave his studies one semester before his graduation. Marcus disappeared for a year and was thought to be dead, then after his two older brothers died in the Battle of Endor aboard the second Death Star and the Executor, Marcus returned to his family out of nowhere for their funeral. Marcus was left the only surviving heir to Seagrim Enterprises.

Marcus Hoistler

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