Marcus Hoistler stepped into the conference room. The CFO of the Seagrim corporation Atello Gordon, attorney Till Vinder, and reporter May Waldifare rose from their seats respectfully.
“Please, be seated.” said Marcus with a quiet smile, as he took the end chair of the table. As the group returned to their places, Marcus took in the simple but functional beauty of the room, as if it was his first time seeing it. He heard his name…then again.

“Mr. Hoistler….Mr. Hoistler?” asked May


“Your announcement?”

“Right….Of course.” Marcus was handed a datapad from his attorney. He paused reading it, then re-reading it. The room was silent, the Seagrims Chief Financial Officer looked ill, and he wiped cold sweat off his wrinkled forehead with a handkerchief.

“Are we ready?” asked Marcus looking up from the datapad.

“Yes Mr. Hoistler.” answered May

“Very well. Today I wish to officially announce-” Marcus was interrupted as Atello vomited on the sleek minimalistic conference table.

When Marcus Hoistler inherited the Seagrim corporation, he immediately began to liquidate all company assets. The board and senior officers attempted to remove Hoistler before he could do this, but they were unsuccessful. In a panic, many began cashing out their shares. Marcus wasn’t worried, he knew that his dream wouldn’t be shared by everyone. Two years before the Battle of Endor, all resources were restructured and committed to building the largest and most expensive civilian spacecraft ever built-the Astral Lance. The ships construction would consume every last credit Seagrim had, and then millions more. To add to the bafflement, this ship would only take part in one voyage. When the ship reached the end of it’s 6 month voyage, it would be deconstructed on the small planet of Etherel. The ship was designed to be converted into a self-sustaining colony, and the crew and passengers would become the citizens of this perfect city.

“Etherel is untouched by the scars of battle, out of reach of the political forces of the galaxy. We will be the first to call ourselves Etherellian. We will have no crime, no oppression, no corruption, no poverty. We will set the example and create our own paradise. Astral Lance will take us there. All are invited to experience this luxurious journey, to enjoy the finest amenities the galaxy can provide. At the end of this journey, select passengers and crew will receive Etherellian citizenship. The conclusion of this voyage will be the beginning of a new civilization.”
-Marcus Hoistler CEO of Seagrim Corporation.

“This is the fever dream of a madman.” Atello Gordon, former CFO of Seagrim Corporation

Path to Etherel

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