Wandering Jedi


Human in mid to late 30’s. Grey hair, moderate-major scaring on face and body.


Wilk is an example of a Jedi dedicated to survival. His master was a young Knight during the Clone Wars with a distrust of Clones. Rahm Kota’s insistence on working with only local militias in need of help and a general distrust of the Republic’s corruption saved him from execution. As far as Rahm knew, being one of the last Jedi drove Rahm to focus on only survival and to preserve the Jedi. So he took to training a solitary apprentice at a time. Rahm’s lessons vouched for the protection of the weak, as a guardian should, yet with an emphasis on solitary survival most of all. A Jedi in these times had to pick his battles, keep his head down, and not interfere in galactic affairs. Rahm’s first apprentice became hardened by these teachings, too cold and apathetic. The second student was Wilk.

Wilk came from unremarkable of a background on a backwater world. A trouble-prone youth with a good spirit, Rahm took the boy in to give him a better calling. Wilk weathered Rahm’s rough teachings, ingrained with a distrust of political allegiance to any cause yet with a deep sense of duty to defend the weak. Wilk wasn’t taught to fight for the galaxy: he was taught to fight for whoever couldn’t afford to fight for themselves.

His training completed, Wilk has wandered as instructed. He was lucky to have reunited with Rahm a few spare times during the past decade. Wilk made few friends, yet cherished those he kept. He drifted amongs colonists and scoundrels, protecting and seeing virtues in both. While taught to avoid doing so, he may have fought with the Rebel Alliance; if only to protect a friend he thought foolhardy. He saw the war’s end, yet in a way he could scarcely believe.

Now, with the Empire receding, the Republic dawning, and whispers of the Jedi returning, Wilk finds himself deeply troubled. The desperation of the Empire’s oppression drove Rahm to train Wilk to survive, at the cost of trying to change the galaxy. But what does it mean for a Jedi to just merely survive? Wilk wonders if he truly has lived to what a Jedi should be, and whether he missed a destiny far greater than what he ever conceived.


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